Make unique & meaningful art without the burden of making it pretty but actually enjoy art as self-care

(spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with techniques, supplies, or any art labels)

You’ll get a list of mindful art journal prompts in a pdf (with examples) that will help you express yourself more easily & freely without the burden of “my art needs to be pretty (or perfect)”.

  • Learn 5 ways of making art as a form of self-care without expecting it to be perfect or pretty
  • Avoid the staring contest with art supplies and actually know where to start
  • Stop worrying about hiding your art because it’s not pretty (you just won’t care about labels like artist or true art) so you can create more personal & meaningful pages
  • Make art freely without the fear of finding out that the person who said you were not an artist and could not be an artist at 5 years old was actually right
  • Learn how to ignore that inner critic dancing around in your head saying “It’s ugly! It’s not original! Why do you do this anyway?

Actually start making art more freely, create personal & meaningful pages while enjoying the process as a form of self-care

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